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Malaysians are becoming more health conscious with eat clean trends gaining popularity and momentum over the past year. Despite a number of Malaysians taking the leap to live a healthier lifestyle, many are under the misconception that healthy food are either bland, tasteless or unpleasant. Don’t be misled by that notion, as Kettlebowl has proven that nutritious food can be equally, if not more palatable.

The Kettlebowl Granola

As a first step to reach out to the community, they introduced The Kettlebowl Granola. They have an unwavering belief in tasty “rabbit food” and it has become a strong passion of theirs to help others realize that healthy can be yummy.

Their granola promises a blend of wholesome ingredients to give customers a tasty crunch of unique flavors. They crafted a strong combination of organic steel-cut oats from Germany and imported nuts sourced from the best regions around the world, topped off with a variety of nutritious seeds and dried fruits. The Kettlebowl Granola seeks to fuel your day without compromising on taste – reinventing the journey to health and fitness.

Primarily sold online through their website (, the granolas are made weekly in small batches to ensure optimum freshness. They offer delivery services to their customers, adding convenience to their healthy snacking experience. Customers may also opt to pick up their orders from their selected Partner Granola Hubs – mainly local cafes and restaurants located in key areas around Klang Valley.

Image credit: The Kettlebowl
Image credit: The Kettlebowl

Kettlebowl Flavours

They have four core flavours:

1) Maple Pecan… Ginger?!
One of their most loved flavours, this is a classic combination of maple & pecan that we all love. Now made even more comforting with the flavour of candied ginger.

2) PB & K
Wake up to the smell of kopi with this peanut butter infused granola. They added a delightful surprise of espresso crème chips to bring some ‘kick’ to the flavour.

3) Chocolate
The T is silent. Discover the earthy notes of cinnamon & nutmeg in this dark chocolate and almond granola.

4) Coco-ca-cash
This is growing to become a crowd favourite. A coconut cashew blend with an added twist of cardamom spice to give you a unique breakfast flavour.

Aside from their core flavours, they are constantly working to introduce seasonal flavours to go with the multiple festivities of Malaysia. So far, they have developed flavours for Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Currently, they have 3 forms of packaging to offer:

  • Standard granola bags of 400gm (resealable ziplock bag)
  • The Granola Box (120gm of each of our core flavours, they call this the sample pack. Also great as a gift)
  • Limited Edition Packaging (varies based on the festive season – available for a limited time only)

Their granola are made to order weekly in small batches as they take pride in ensuring that customers receive their granola at its optimum freshness.

Image credit: The Kettlebowl
Image credit: The Kettlebowl

The Story of Kettlebowl

The Kettlebowl was founded by Nick and Nell, a pair of avid Crossfitters who seek to promote a healthy yet sustainable way of life. It started off as a means of discipline and accountability for the duo, to track their own fitness progress (interesting workouts, any fitness achievements and healthy recipes they’ve cooked up in the kitchen). The Kettlebowl was initially introduced as a fitness page, accommodating any level of conversation surrounding health and fitness.  They then turned into a business by ways of The Kettlebowl Granola in the end of November 2015.

The thought of starting a business spurred during one of those random hangout sessions with their now partner/CFO, Yen. They initially wanted to venture into starting a food delivery service but that idea was soon scrapped off the board when they realized that it would be too much to handle as they are tied down to full-time jobs. The idea of starting a business together was left in the backburner for a while until one fine day, Nick and Nell hosted a small dinner get together with some close friends. They decided to serve breakfast for dessert – lo and behold, they made granola. Their friends loved it and they were struck with an ‘a-ha’ moment and the rest is history.

Nell is a professional marketer by day, working for a multi-national FMCG company. By night, she is the Granola Storymaker, where she hones her marketing skillsets to craft out the brand stories for The Kettlebowl. She is also one of the two granola makers in The Kettlebowl.

Nick works in property development. An engineer with a deep passion for food, he is our taste maestro – all flavors that go through the kitchen will have to pass the Nick test.

Yen is a banker by day. But at The Kettlebowl, they call her the Granola Mama. She crunches the numbers and ensures that they have everything we need to get our granolas out there.

Image credit: The Kettlebowl
Image credit: The Kettlebowl

The Kettlebowl Philosophy

The Kettlebowl seeks to spread inspiration and motivation to others. By focusing on the synergy between fitness and food, their aim is to expand the community of like-minded individuals who share this passion.

“For those who are still on the fence, we want to instill that fitness is a lifestyle to be enjoyed, not a regime.  From the experienced athletes who are absolutely in tune with their bodies nutritional requirements, the average Joe who simply wants something different for breakfast, and even to the humble housewife who seeks a healthier snacking alternative for herself and the family.”, Kettlebowl shares with TallyPress.

Fitness should be an enjoyable journey. They have a strong belief in striking a balance between all aspects of life. Get fit without compromising on the other important things in life (good food, time with friends and family etc), and enjoy life without letting go of your health and fitness.

Image credit: The Kettlebowl
Image credit: The Kettlebowl

The Kettlebowl Vision

“We hope to have established ourselves as a reputable fitness platform with the credibility to positively influence the people around us to adopt a healthier and fitter lifestyle. This means we will be working on getting the relevant certifications in fitness and nutrition, expand The Kettlebowl Granola to offer more than just granola, but instead a wider range of healthy snacks.”, Kettlebowl tells TallyPress.

While they aim to inspire the people around them to adopt this lifestyle of looking good and feeling good, they themselves are constantly looking out for inspiration. They merely hope to be a catalyst for change in the fitness community. Introducing a different way of life in the form of fitness will be their work. How people choose to practice it and create fun in their own journey will be their reward.

Nick and Nell both share an extremely strong passion for fitness. So apart from healthy snacks, another possible venture for The Kettlebowl is to potentially look into building our own fitness hub. They have looked into the possibilities of getting involved in the Crossfit community, be it to open our own training facility or to help out in an existing box (gym in Crossfit terms). Ideally, they would like to kickstart a fitness movement and build a fitter, faster, stronger Malaysia.

On a larger scale, The Kettlebowl is a platform that is open to any level of conversation surrounding getting fitter, faster and stronger. Be it to share workout tips or healthy recipes, they look to establish fitness as an enjoyable lifestyle – a way of life rather than a habit.

Image credit: The Kettlebowl
Image credit: The Kettlebowl

The Kettlebowl Granola is our business, but fitness is our brand. The Kettlebowl as a whole aims to introduce a lifestyle, with an objective to reinvent the journey to fitness.

— Kettlebowl Founders

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