Kedai Koolcats Brings Classy Cattitude To Your Handmade Bags

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Sure, getting ready-made, ready-to-buy products are convenient and fuss-free, but you also risk owning the same thing as several other people. It can also get boring and unoriginal sometimes. So what can you do? Well, what about getting your very own unique, handmade bag instead? These are guaranteed to be special and one of a kind, particularly if you decide to customise them. Kedai Koolcats is one of those stores which can whip up your kind of bag, and you’ll be even more ecstatic about their products if you’re a huge fan of cats!

About Kedai Koolcats

Launched in April 2017, Kedai Koolcats is all about the cool cats, where they “sprinkle cattitude on fabric and sew them into unique gifts that are purrfect for cat lovers and cats”. In fact, their tagline is “Handmade Fabric Products with A Classy Cattitude”. In other words, they are a one-stop centre for cat-themed products for you and your feline, ranging from bags, pouches, cushions and accessories; including cat toys, lanyards and door stoppers. Run by a husband-and-wife team, they do everything from fabric sourcing, designing product patterns, sewing and even delivery! As such, everything is literally handmade from scratch, and each product of theirs has a piece of their hearts with it. So far, they have been using cat print fabrics sourced worldwide, but they are also looking at collaborating with designers to produce their own line of cat print fabric designs.

Image Credit: Kedai Koolcats

Sewing The Love For Cats Into Products

Founder Yana took up sewing classes, and started practicing by making small pouches for her family and friends. Emboldened by positive feedback, she then grew Kedai Koolcats since then, and now manages it with her husband, G (short for Garfield!). As for the name Kedai Koolcats, Kedai is “shop” in Malay, and “Koolcats” is something Yana and G call themselves, being crazy cat lovers. They love cats so much they even custom made matching cat heads (a la mascot) to wear during their wedding! With their love of cats, they’re transforming it into handmade products, hoping that people will appreciate it, as handmade products are a labour of love, and their hearts swell when clients provide “pawsitive” and lovely feedback. Cat lovers, of course, will feel right at home with their products and fawn over them so much!

Image Credit: Kedai Koolcats

Show Off Your Kitty Power

At Kedai Koolcats, you can choose to shop from their ready-for-use collection, or customised collection. There are four main product categories for both collections, which are bags, pouches, cushions and accessories. The ready-for-use collection I can be accessed on the Shop section on their website, while you can contact them via email, the contact form on their website or social media for customised orders. As with most ready-to-buy items, the ready-for-use collection has particular sizes and features, while customisations are much more flexible, as almost anything is possible. However, customer favourites include laptop pouches and tote bags. Features that are customisable include length of bag straps, number of pockets, and type of cat print. Pouches are lined with satin and padded with fleece, protecting items placed inside well enough. For each and every product, they also provide name embroidery personalisation.

Image Credit: Kedai Koolcats

Expanding The Koolness of Koolcats

When they first started, Kedai Koolcats participated in handmade fairs. They received a positive response, but what they made was barely enough to cover the rental for the fair. Soon, they realised that they should be attending pet- and cat-related events, and they took off ever since. In the near future, they are looking to collaborate and produce their own cat print fabric designs — in fact, they are working with a local designer currently! To date, they have also received more than 50 positive reviews, which you can check out on their website! They also offer free doorstep delivery for all local orders, and have been giving a free cat print fabric mask with every item purchase since April 2020 as well. Teamwork makes the dream work; G chooses all the cat print fabrics, and Yana turns them into great products!

Image Credit: Kedai Koolcats

“To achieve good things, you have to start with the right intention.” – Kedai Koolcats

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