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Although there is great emphasis on performing well academically, having an active lifestyle and being all-rounded is equally important for everyone. With so many activities out there, what will you choose? For a cross between art & sport with a dash of discipline and determination, why not consider gymnastics? Karpenko Gymnastics Academy will help you in your gymnastics journey regardless of the level you are at.

About Karpenko Gymnastics Academy (KGA)

KGA is Singapore’s first rhythmic gymnastics academy offering classes to girls from 3 years of age to adults. They have a strong competitive team who competes around the world and were Singapore national champions in 2019. In addition, they also offer recreational gymnastics for those not inclined to competitive sport. They have a pipeline of young girls who are trained by high performance athletes in the Russian style of instruction led by Victoria Karpenko, twice Russian national champion and coach to members of national team of Russia, Spain, USA and Singapore.

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Classes and Packages Offered

They offer classes to all ages and abilities. Girls from the age of 3 join and learn the basics of the sport and some of them progress to their competitive team who will train up to 6 days a week approaching competition. Additionally, recreational gymnastics classes are open to everyone of all abilities who wish to experience the sport. They also offer stretching classes for teens and adults which offer a deep stretching experience.

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Raising The Standards for Singaporeans

Their mission statement at the inception of the business was to raise the standard of gymnastics in Singapore. The founder, Victoria always says the natural body type of Singaporeans is perfect for rhythmic gymnastics and the national team should be competing for medals on the international stage. The whole business revolves around Victoria and her coaching style. She has achieved incredible results throughout her competitive and coaching career which she is now passing onto a new generation of coaches and kids learning the sport. Furthermore, they are currently working with the Health Promotion Board in Singapore on a potential partnership to roll out classes for the elderly and promote the sport in certain demographic segments. It is an attractive sport to do this, as very little equipment is needed. They believe this will further boost the profile of the sport in Singapore.

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Growing in Strength and Mobility

The main challenge for them is finding talented staff to join them to help grow the business as Victoria demands the highest of coaching standards and only recruit staff who have represented their country at national level. KGA was crowned national champion in 2019 with one of their gymnasts, Kaen Lim, achieving the overall highest score. They want to continue to grow and bring more Singaporeans into the sport of rhythmic gymnastics. Many children who are not keen on other sports fall in love with rhythmic gymnastics and it places a huge value on giving these girls both physical and mental conditioning. Ultimately, they want to be able to raise standard of gymnastics in Singapore and help grow the sport.

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“Hard work pays off as long as you practice the right things. We get many parents coming to us saying they need their child to practice 4 hours a day but we don’t agree and our results speak for themselves.”

– Karpenko Gymnastics Academy

Build strength and increase your flexibility at KGA: