Just Drop By Just Say Cafe For Heartwarming Comfort Food Amidst A Quirky Interior!

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Cafes are abundant everywhere. We can see why, since food is a necessity, and more often than not, cafes have their own specialty. Whether their focus is on coffee, dessert, brunch, or otherwise, you could really try a new cafe every week and still not go to all of them because well… new cafes will keep popping up. In Ipoh, there’s this quirky yet cosy cafe called Just Say Cafe, where it’s uniquely decorated, and serves up delicious comfort food. Check it out!

About Just Say Cafe

Yenny, the founder of Just Say Cafe, set up shop back in 2017 when she first returned from Australia, and decided to start her own cafe just like that. It has always been her to open up her own cafe in Malaysia, and she prepares food and beverages herself with her own unique design and style. Her cafe follows her unique sense as well, where she has incorporated different kinds of elements she likes into the theme of her cafe, and the result is a calm, relaxing cafe suitable for chilling over good food and drinks.

Image Credit: Just Say Cafe

Food & Drink For All

As aforementioned, Yenny herself is the main chef, while her partner is the barista. A few staff help them out at the cafe, and they operate as a close-knit unit. After a few years in operation, Yenny hopes that Just Say Cafe will be a well-known cafe in Malaysia, and that customers love their food. Signature dishes at Just Say Cafe include their Salted Egg Chicken Chop, Spain Pork Burger, and most recently, their Squid Ink Pasta. As for the beverages, go fo the Bailey’s and Skull Cup series, as well as their infamous ice cube coffee and “Dirty” Coffee. Hoping to serve food suitable for ages young and old, Just Say Cafe aims to cater for not just for the locals in Ipoh, but those from other states as well.

Image Credit: Just Say Cafe

Apple of Your Eye

Besides serving up comfort food and specialty drinks, Just Say Cafe is also uniquely decorated. Metal jewellery, plants, and various furniture pieces adorn the shop, and each was carefully chosen to complement the lighting and music in the shop. In other words, you get a pleasant dining experience that thrills your senses from sight, smell, hearing, and taste. As you can probably guess, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted them, and for them, catering has taken a hit. Hopefully, the pandemic will end sooner than later, and everyone will emerge from it stronger.

Image Credit: Just Say Cafe

Passion & Quality

New customers and regulars alike visit their shop, and they are especially thankful for the regulars who have given them their support all this time. In the near future, they will focus on improving their current menu items, and are also planning to develop some new recipes that can symbolise the cafe. Under current circumstances, they are just focusing on maintaining a steady revenue while in pursuit of their goals. If you’re intrigued, definitely drop by Just Say Cafe, where they always welcome customers with the best delicacies and services!

Image Credit: Just Say Cafe

“Passion and quality towards my products is my primary aspiration until now. I also prefer to do anything hands-on without cutting any corners, and will always challenge myself to create a better product.” – Just Say Cafe

For more information on this cosy cafe, check out Just Say Cafe!