JJ Seafood Supply Delivers The Best Mud Crabs & Other Seafood

Image Credit: JJ Seafood Supply

Forget about fighting your way through the crowd at a wet market just to get your hands on seafood. Who needs the reek of seafood and sweaty bodies mingling, right? There’s a far easier way to shop now, which is online shopping, even for seafood! Specifically if you love mud crabs, JJ Seafood Supply is the one you’re looking for!

Live Mud Crab

Technically, the official name of the business is “JJ Seafood Supply”, but they’re more fondly known as “Live Mud Crab”. Founded in 2014, the name “Live Mud Crab” now speaks for itself, as they are the leading mud crab supplier in the seafood industry.

Image Credit: JJ Seafood Supply

From Seafood Lovers To Seafood Lovers

The reason why JJ Seafood Supply went into this industry is because they are seafood lovers themselves, and know what seafood lovers are looking for. Therefore, they decided to venture further into the seafood industry, and to provide only the best for other seafood lovers out there. Although they specialise mostly in live mud crabs, they do also have various kinds of frozen seafood available.

Image Credit: JJ Seafood Supply

Only The Best

Seafood lovers will be pleased to know that JJ Seafood Supply only brings in seafood of best quality, depending on season, and they provide same-day delivery as well. As their main product is live mud crabs, their audience consists of mostly mud crab wholesalers and restaurant owners. However, Malaysian end users are not forgotten as well, and are always welcome to place orders with them, whether for live mud crabs or for other seafood items.

Image Credit: JJ Seafood Supply

Crossing Seas

Currently, the seafood industry is pretty competitive, but they continue to strive to be the best among the rest. Among the challenges they face are the economy downturn, as well as the change of regulations for import and export entities from their sources of seafood. Regardless, they hope to gain more business stability and to grow their core business internationally over the next five years.

Image Credit: JJ Seafood Supply

“Always have faith in what you do and trust your own strength. Nothing is impossible!” – JJ Seafood Supply

To satisfy your seafood cravings, visit Live Mud Crab!