Illustrate Your Love Story with Miraculove Wedding Stationery

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There is something captivating about beautiful stationery that attracts our attention like bees to honey. Otherwise, it does not explain why we are in awe when visiting stores like Kikki.K. Pinterest proves that stationery plays a crucial role in setting the theme and also enhances the visuals of any wedding. If you happen to be still in doubt, check out Miraculove and you will never look back!

About Miraculove

Miraculove is your Love Story Illustrator. They provide stationery that has an authentic and heartwarming quality to them, in handcrafted art mediums like illustration, calligraphy and watercolour.

Apart from creating bespoke wedding stationery, they also run a Special Occasion Online Store at where couples at varying life stages – dating, anniversaries, engagement, marriage and parenthood – can find delightful cards and gifts for themselves or their loved ones.

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More Than Just Designing

In addition to bespoke works, their Special Occasion Online Store is an avenue where they create and launch all other stationery. Examples include:

  • Dating couples – Love Quote cards to pen heartfelt letters to each other.
  • Newly engaged couples – Explore the Bridesmaid and Groomsman proposal cards.
  • Brides and Grooms – Charming and love story inspired semi-custom wedding invitations enables couples to pick designs that resonate most with them. Perfect for  couples who value the aesthetics of their wedding.
  • New parents – View the collection of baby shower cards and gifts.
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Growing Love with Stationery

Miraculove was born out of a labour of love and passion for weddings in 2015, when co-founders Yunnie and Limin met by a stroke of serendipity and took a leap of faith to start their stationery label. Prior to Miraculove, they were asked by friends to design wedding stationery as personal favours. They enjoyed doing so as it’s fun, meaningful and  friends valued their creative flair. When both were introduced to each other, this common experience bonded them which felt like their calling in life. Affirmed by this thought and inspired to serve many other wedding couples through their own brand, they embarked on a journey that culminated in Miraculove.

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Challenges of the Drawing Board

They seek to creatively disrupt the aesthetics of weddings with their chic, modern art and storytelling prowess to bring couples’ love stories and unique styles to life. They believe this starts with the first moment of truth when guests receive invitation cards from the couple and derive that all-important impression of how the wedding would look and feel like.

A beautiful and thoughtful invitation make guests stoked for the special day, on the other hand, an ordinary one would seem like just another piece of mail. They have gleaned success on this mission, with couples telling them that guests do keep their cards as keepsakes and souvenirs of the wedding.

The greatest challenge is imitation in the world of design! Seeing uncannily similar designs to Miraculove’s passed off as others causes a great deal of heartache and pain. Not because of competition, but because it undermines the insane amount of hard work that goes into what they have created.

Image credit: Miraculove

Painting The Vision for Miraculove

Couples say they feel the heart and soul in Miraculove stationery. Behind a seemingly innocent botanical illustration on our invitation cards lies half a day’s work in sketching, illustrating, colouring and digital enhancement, developed in-house from scratch.

In addition, they take pride in having storytelling at the heart of their artworks. It turns each couples’ stories or broad love themes, creating stationery for special occasions that are not just beautiful on the outside but extraordinarily meaningful from the inside. Beauty from the inside out is the unique Miraculove difference.

They aim to be the purveyor of stationery for all things love related in Singapore and internationally. Their miracle workers are Love Story Illustrators who will incessantly produce unique, charming wedding stationery that represent a couple’s poignant love stories in befitting aesthetics.

Image credit: Miraculove

“Where there is great love, there are always miracles” hits the nail every time. It motivates us when we face more downs than ups on this roller coaster journey called entrepreneurship.


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