Healthy Yet Delicious Sweet Treats Only At Frozilicious!

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Living in a tropical country like Singapore means that we’re no stranger to hot weather. Sometimes, the heat can get unbearable, and that’s when we wish to cool off with some ice-cold treats. However, not all cold treats are “healthy” enough to be consumed regularly, and that’s where Frozilicious comes in!

Froyo Lovin’

Frozilicious first started off as a family-run business in November 2013, as a family that loves froyo immensely! Rushdi, the founder, teamed up with his two daughters Nurul Fazrina and Nurul Nabilah to kickstart Frozilicious. As foodservice tends to be the avenue through which new product categories emerge, they pounced on this retail chance. Besides that, they also saw it as an opportunity to mix business and pleasure, and they weren’t about to give that up. Now, Frozilicious produces their very own halal frozen yogurt daily in their own production facility!

Image Credit: Frozilicious

Healthy Yet Delicious

Frozilicious’ main goal is to provide healthy, economical and delicious dessert for all to enjoy, as froyo is generally deemed healthier compared to other frozen sweet treats such as ice-cream. Currently, they have ten different flavours to choose from, so you’ll definitely find a favourite! Before marketing their products, the father-daughter trio had undergone training, performed research and went for consultations as well.

Image Credit: Frozilicious

Froyo For All

People of all ages and all walks of life can enjoy Frozilicious, as it is a yummy, healthy treat that appeals to everyone. To get your fix of Frozilicious, they are doing live stations (catering booths), and they also offer pre-packed frozen yogurt suitable for any occasion. Since its inception, they have served a number of reputable MNCs, government ministries, education and health institutions and event planners. Besides that, they were also the top achiever in Best Business Excellence in 2018 and 2019.

Image Credit: Frozilicious

Expanding The Froyo Love

Now, Frozilicious is looking for more possibilities to expand their business, and they are considering options such as dine-in, franchising and kiosks. At the same time, this will also enable more job opportunities, and they will be able to reach out to their customers better. Just like other small businesses though, they find it a bit of a challenge to sustain their business, and the constant pressure of work and long hours wear them out as well.

Image Credit: Frozilicious

“Think Big – Start Small. Break your vision down into manageable chunks and lay them out on the business plan roadmap. Stay focused today on the things that will bring about your desires tomorrow.”  – Frozilicious.

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