Have The Best Birthday Party Ever With The Fun Empire!

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Birthday parties are a fun occasion, but just how many birthday party ideas can you have before you run out of them? Catering service at home, celebration at your favourite restaurant, a themed party… instead of going with these basic ideas, what about organising a super fun party where everyone can participate and create awesome memories together? We’re talking about The Fun Empire, where you’ll have the best birthday celebration in Singapore ever thanks to their array of activities!

Birthdays At The Fun Empire

The Fun Empire is the leading events and team building company in Singapore that develops and provides the world’s most unique and fun activities. With over 30 activities, games and workshops, The Fun Empire delivers exciting, memorable experiences for all age groups. To make things even special, The Fun Empire caters for birthday parties as well, both for children and adult alike! Imagine celebrating this special occasion with your loved ones, creating artsy items or tackling adventurous activities together while having loads of fun!

Image Credit: The Fun Empire

Birthday Party For Kids

Give your kid a birthday to remember by throwing him/her a party at The Fun Empire! Kids birthday party packages are of four themes (Star Wars, Hunger Games, 007, Giant Bubbles) and three packages of different prices, or you can choose a customised one altogether. Each party will come with facilitators who will set up the event, host, & umpire your game! Check out these activities below:

Saber Tag

Only available at The Fun Empire, Saber Tag is the latest, cool activity in town. Basically a light saber battle, players are equipped with neon combat sabers and a vest to “fight” an opposing team.

Laser Tag

Save the world from terrorists and bad guys, where kids will be equipped with interactive laser tag guns that bring hours of fun! Various modes are available for Laser Tag, including Domination, Capture the Flag and Mission Impossible just to name a few.

Art Jamming

For the creative ones, why not take part in an Art Jamming workshop, which is a private session where kids paint anything that inspires them at that point? The children can bring their masterpieces home to show them to you! Also, The Fun Empire is the only provider that has Neon Art Jamming sessions. Conducted in a specially designed black light environment with neon acrylic paint, they are only available at The Fun Empire Locations at their Head Quarters in Mountbatten and at Hyperspace @ Lavender.

Image Credit: The Fun Empire

Birthday Parties For Adults

Aw, come on! Don’t you get tired of sit-down birthday dinners? It’s time to do something different, and live forever young! Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a creative soul, The Fun Empire has activities that cover your preferences for the coolest birthday party in Singapore! Here are some popular activities for adult birthdays:

Combat Archery Tag

A combination of dodgeball and archery, this game is all about striking your friends with arrows while running around, Hunger Games-style. Arrows are foam-tipped in this game, making it fun yet safe and painless!

Bubble Soccer

Imagine watching a regular football match on TV. Now imagine the players wearing inflated air bubble suits, looking like balls with legs themselves. Bumping into each other and rolling around ensues and you howl with laughter. That’s what Bubble Soccer is! Only available at The Fun Empire, you and your friends will have the time of your lives bumping, rolling and laughing yourselves hoarse!

Terrarium Workshop

Always wanted your own garden? The Fun Empire can’t promise you a big garden, but they can let your build your own mini garden in a jar! You and your friends can learn how to create and maintain your very own terrarium, and bring it home afterwards to cherish and remember your birthday by!

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Birthday Party Venues

Depending on what you want, The Fun Empire also recommends suitable venues for your party. Most of their birthday party activities can be done at their own venues, such as The Fun Empire HQ at Mountbatten or Hyperspace at Lavender. Both venues are comfortably air-conditioned and conveniently located, within walking distance from the Mountbatten and Lavender MRT stations respectively. Best of all, both of them are the only event venues in Singapore that are fully equipped with black lights to give you a neon party experience. In other words, ready for you to party up a storm! For more info on birthday parties, visit their birthday party page right here!

Image Credit: The Fun Empire

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