Have An Entire Garden Right In The Palm Of Your Hands With InOut Terrariums

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For any green-fingered folks aching for a bit of colour and green to spice up a cosy workdesk or a table in the living room, a terrarium is a perfect solution. Terrariums are low-maintenance miniature garden arranged neatly inside a transparent or clear glass and intricately decorated to make it resemble a tiny garden, a beautiful park to the limits of one’s imagination. These tidy little gardens-in-jars have garnered plenty of attention, as more people use them as home decoration, gifts for friends and wedding favours.

IN|OUT Terrariums

IN|OUT is a terrarium enterprise that came from a phrase “Outside in, Inside out” and it is because of this uncertain comparison, they turned it into an opportunity to showcase this uncertainty of theirs into a unique style and design. Besides selling and designing terrariums, they also provide terrarium making workshop services to the public and corporate market. They have had cases where customers come to them requesting for certain theme for their terrarium, such as a farm, panda themed and even a star wars themed terrarium. Be rest assured that every customer is able to bring home their very own personalized terrarium.

The People In The Game, Thinking Out Of The Box

IN|OUT was started by four good friends in March 2014- Ming Kuang, Sunny, Ben and Izzwan.  In the co-founder’s younger days when he had lesser purchasing power, he was always frustrated by the fact that he could never afford a terrarium even though he liked them a lot. “Whenever I went out to search, a typical kind of terrarium costs between $70 to $200, so I ended up experimenting all the way.”, Ming Kuang, co-founder of In Out shares with TallyPress. It took 3-4 months to start up (branding, advertising, sourcing for suppliers, etc.) and they started with an extremely low capital and there were also a lot of hiccups along the way. However, they thought it was a blessing in disguise as they learnt much more through this hiccups.

Image credit: In Out Facebook
Image credit: In Out Facebook

Bottling The Jar of Ideas

What they aim to achieve is to bring nature back into the comforts of our indoor spaces. With the introduction of our well-crafted terrariums, they wish to see indoor spaces that are more vibrant, elegant and therapeutic, at the same time, softening the harshness of the modern day concrete jungle. You do not need to have a green thumb to have your very own terrarium, hence, do not be afraid of owning a terrarium as they require very little maintenance.

In Out terrariums are reasonably priced and are affordable to the masses but that does not mean they compromise on the quality of their products. As architecture students with a design background, they have a lot of advantages over other terrarium makers as they have acquired software skills and design knowledge which benefit them a lot throughout these two years.

“Appreciation of greenery shouldn’t be only kept outdoors but through the senses of our daily comfort indoor as well. With the concept of ‘living art’, we aspire to transform people from our hectic lives into miniature figurines and to put them into a world of terrarium appreciating the masterpiece of the landscape through the eyes of the maker from inside out the terrarium, to bring forth tranquility and harmony to the soul. Likewise, appreciation of the terrarium from the outside in, as ornaments for your homes, events and shops, to bring about aesthetic values we all know about.”, founders of In Out tells TallyPress.

Image credit: In Out Facebook
Image credit: In Out Facebook

With the rapid industrialization of our modern world, we tend to forget the symbiotic relationship between man and nature. We strongly believe that everyone has a part to play in maintaining a healthy environment for future generations.

— Founders of In Out

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