Good Friends Restaurant & Café: Where Good Food & Cosy Setting Meets!

Image Credit: Good Friends Restaurant & Café

Thinking of places to go where there is a wide variety of comfort food, coupled with a cosy environment to just chill and relax? What do you think of a restaurant that can seat 100, perfect for adults and kids alike, with various dishes made from all-natural ingredients? If that piqued your interest, Good Friends Restaurant & Café is the place to go!

Good Food, Great Coffee

Good Friends Restaurant & Café (GFC) is a family-style restaurant that first started in early 2012. The founder has travelled far and wide, and eaten a lot of good food. As such, this became his inspiration to set up a place for not only good food, but great coffee as well. GFC was then set up as a small shop in Ara Damansara as a test run to see how people would respond. With positive response, GFC shut down its small original store and moved over to SS15, Subang Jaya, and they have been there ever since. GFC prides itself on all-natural ingredients, using no preservatives, MSG or canned food. Everything is cooked from scratch on the premises, and they source and use only local ingredients as much as possible. Today, they are proud to announce that 90% of their ingredients are local!

Image Credit: Good Friends Restaurant & Café

For The Family

Besides providing good food and great coffee in mind, the founder also had another goal in mind. He wanted a place where his own children could eat everyday without worrying if the ingredients were safe, and GFC is the perfect place. Now, all families can dine without fear of ingredient-safety! As a 100-seater in SS15, GFC caters to families (especially those with kids), as well as corporate workers. The interior is spacious, with a kids’ corner and even a stage to host parties or events. On the other hand, the dining area itself is comfortable and proper, suitable for meeting clients over a hearty meal and a cuppa. GFC’s menu is diverse and pork-free, ranging from Western, Chinese, Indian, Japanese and even Nyonya – the founder is part Peranakan, and he has brought this influence into the menu.

Image Credit: Good Friends Restaurant & Café

Not Just Family-Friendly

GFC may first and foremost be known for their food & coffee, and/or cosy environment. But that’s not all! GFC is also environmental-friendly, and has actually been practicing Zero Waste for three years! All their ingredients are used without wastage: meat cut and portioned carefully, bones used to make soup bases, and vegetables used down to the stem. Even their used cooking oil is recycled by a proper channel. In line with going green, GFC does not provide plastic straws, and takeaway boxes are made from recycled material, and recyclable. They are also listed with Grub Cycle, a company that has several initiatives regarding recycling and reducing waste.

Image Credit: Good Friends Restaurant & Café

Keeping It Simple

GFC is all about keeping it real and simple, preparing food with quality ingredients at an affordable price – all without additives. Thus far, among their greatest achievements include being nominated for “kid-friendly cafés” lists, including our own Top 10 Kids Play Cafes in KL & Selangor. Sometimes customers may comment that their food is not as tasty or salty, but that’s because GFC does not use any food additives. It remains a challenge for them to educate customers regarding this concept when this issue is raised. GFC also plans to expand, but they’re still on the hunt for a suitable place. Nevertheless, GFC remains steadfast on providing the best food and customer service they can offer!

Image Credit: Good Friends Restaurant & Café

“We have always believed in providing the fresh and simple ingredients to our customers.  As long as we cook and serve with our heart, our customers will always come back. We don’t need fancy or overseas ingredients when our local ones are more than enough to make great food.” – Good Friends Restaurant & Café

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