Get.Sugary Provides A Dose of Sugar with Cuteness

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There is a recurring myth that women have a separate stomach for dessert. While it will remain a mystery, desserts are undoubtedly instant pick-me-ups for anyone feeling down. Furthermore, French macarons are an exquisite dessert which require great skill and technique for that melt-in-your-mouth experience. If macarons are not your cup of dessert, how about good ol’ fashioned buttercream cake? Whatever your dessert lust may be, Get.Sugary will carve out the sweets of your desire.

About Get.Sugary

Get.Sugary specialises in creating custom character macarons and buttercream cakes. Apart from macarons and buttercream cakes, they also create mini treats for dessert tables such as cupcakes, brownies, meringue tarts and dessert shots. They prefer to decorate all their cakes with macarons instead of fondant figurines as their unique style.

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Satisfying Sweet Teeth Everywhere

Macarons have always been the founder’s favourite dessert. She tried making it one day, and fell in love with the process of creating these beautiful and delicate desserts. The founder has only been baking for about 10 months (at time of writing) and learned via the internet, lots of research and failed experiments. However, to see the creations come out perfect from the oven and taste good, it’s truly satisfying and motivating! Ultimately, she wants to create sweet customised treats for the world!

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Keeping the Dessert Game Strong

The most challenging part is that the business is currently only run by one person. It gets exhausting at times, and even days without sleep just to rush out orders. However, nothing beats the satisfying feeling when they hand the desserts over to the customers and they are really happy with it! They aim to open a shop or two or even a cafe showcasing the goods one day.

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“keep trying until you succeed! Making macarons aren’t easy, and the first few efforts are really demotivating. it’s such a delicate process and it gets frustrating when you keep failing but you can’t pinpoint the mistake.

faith and determination are the two factors that has kept and will keep me going!”

– Get Sugary

For your own customised sugary treats, Get Sugary will make your mouth drool.