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There are many health and nutritionists who swear by eating organic produce. However, how much do we actually know about organic goods and their source? Many people have the misconception that organic “labelling” on the product puts it at a higher or premium price range. Hence, it is important to educate yourself on the source of the produce and know that you can purchase organic fruits and vegetables at affordable prices at ShiokFarm!

About ShiokFarm

ShiokFarm is a social enterprise that aims to bring affordable weekly bags of organic fruits & vegetables to families in Singapore. They are a community-supported farming project that began in the year 2015. As a community, they create partnerships with farms and commit to buy all of their harvests. Most of their partner farms are in Thailand and Malaysia. ShiokFarm visits them regularly and discusses with them on what will be grown. Giving farmers visibility allows much better use of natural & human resources, and it also allows them to give us much better prices as they do not have to factor in risk on unsold inventory.

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The ShiokFarm Goodness

Their program is a six-month program. Members join ShiokFarm and subscribe to their bag(s) which comes in:

  • 7kg bag for $71/week
  • 5kg bag for $57/week
  • 3kg Premium bag that offers berries, fennel, artichokes, kiwis, avocados, and many other delicious organic fresh fruits & veggies

They deliver these bags once a week at fixed times across 20 pick up points in Singapore. Members of the program hosts all the pick up points. Hosts do this on a voluntary basis and their generosity allows all of us substantial savings on logistics. Furthermore, deliveries are announced on WhatsApp groups and members then have two hours to come and pick up their bags. 

When going on holidays, members can either resell their bags to their friends or donate them to Cheshire Home, a residence for disabled people in Serangoon. 

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The Birth of ShiokFarm

Claire is the founder of ShiokFarm and the mother of a 6-year-old boy and 3-year-old twins. She arrived in Asia 20 years ago, and after spending 10 years in China, she moved to Singapore and loves it here. After 17 years in the corporate world putting together digital strategies for multinationals, she started ShiokFarm, a community-supported farming project as she wanted to be able to feed her children with clean, locally grown and traceable food. To date, ShiokFarm is the only community supported farming project working with several farms and is the most affordable distributor of organic fruits & vegetables in Singapore.

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Making The World A Better One

Claire believes we need to change our way of consuming if we do not want the world to collapse. Therefore, it is paramount to find ways to save energy, use less plastic, consume more responsibly and stop wasting food. Everyone can start small by joining programs like ShiokFarm. They allow members to consume organic fresh fruits & vegetables that come directly from farms. By working with the farms directly, they allow about 40% saving on food wastage. Furthermore, importers and distributors are out of the picture and hence do not generate waste with unsold inventory. 

They are also launching their Auto Immune – Paléo diet bag in January 2019 (diet is often followed by people who have auto-immune diseases and helps them heal their guts). In addition, box of organic fruits will also be available to be delivered in companies who are mindful of their employees’ well-being across Singapore.

Image credit: ShiokFarm

I believe we all have a share of responsibility in the state of the world we are going to leave to our children. The only way to leave it a better place is through showing kindness and care to our communities and leading a life with the smallest ecological trace possible.”

– Claire Chabrieres, Founder of ShiokFarm

Organic produce at affordable prices: