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There are many aspects to maintaining a healthy body. Among them include eating nutritious food, getting plenty of rest and water, and of course, staying fit and active! While it’s not uncommon for most to work out at the gym, there are still many other forms of physical activity that one can engage in, whether as a way to just sweat it out, or to achieve specific fitness goals. Well, whichever category you fall under, Focus Movement is the place for you, so you can move it move it in various ways!

About Focus Movement

Launched in 2004, Focus is an integrated Pilates, Physiotherapy, and Movement studio. They offer a holistic approach and embrace all forms of movement, helping clients reach their personal fitness goals. During the time of their launch, they found that there was a shortage of quality group and private equipment-based Pilates classes, and there was also no Pilates studio or physiotherapy clinic that had integrated their services fully and seamlessly. Therefore, Focus Movement was born!

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Movement Of All Sorts

Extremely talented and multi-disciplinary, the team at Focus is trained in Polestar Pilates, as well as other forms of movement and physical rehabilitation. Currently, they have 19 fitness and rehabilitation staff, including Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, and Gyrotonic instructors. Most of them are trained in multiple types of movement and rehabilitation, and they constantly exploring new, innovative exercise techniques, and class ideas or programs to keep their clients moving. As such, they aim to provide clients with the best workout experience with their multi-talented team, encouraging them to move in different ways. Classes are of various levels, both mat-based and equipment-based. While battling the pandemic, virtual classes are available as well!

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Pilates x Physiotherapy

Focus is the first and one of the few studios in Singapore to fully integrate Pilates and Physiotherapy. They have a unique Physio-Pilates system in place designed not only to help clients recover from injury/post-surgery, but also to build up their strength and fitness. Most clients come in for Pilates, but they also have clients who first come in for Physiotherapy treatments and rehabilitation, and often Focus’ Physiotherapists will transit them to Pilates after Physiotherapy. Focus is also the exclusive host centre for internationally-renowned Polestar Pilates instructor training courses, and they also have trainees there who are training to be certified instructors. Currently, Focus has two Polestar instructor educators who teach instructor training courses throughout Asia.

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Connect & Inspire Through Movement

Focus is recognised as a pioneer Pilates studio in Singapore, as well as an appointed host centre for the internationally-recognised Polestar Pilates course. In 2018, they opened their Physio Clinic in Niseko, Japan, which happens to be the first Singaporean studio in Japan! In the near future, they hope to continue to be the largest integrated studio in Singapore, and to provide a motivating, positive and comfortable studio environment for all their clients, to maintain a community, which helps everyone feel connected and inspired. Just like most of everybody else, COVID-19 has posed a challenge to them, but it has also given them an opportunity to further improve the quality and variety of services to their clients.

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“Fitness isn’t just about hitting a target, it’s also about enjoying the process and journey. At the heart of everything we do is the philosophy that movement is life, without the ability to move, our lives become less fulfilled.” – Focus Movement

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