Flexiroam X: Changing The Way You Roam The World

We were first introduced to the Flexiroam X experience back in July 2016 here. However, like any other revolutionary tools, we know that change is the only constant in life. Flexiroam X has announced that they have revamped their app and is providing all users with more data and features! If you have not experienced how Flexiroam X changes the way you travel, there is no better time to jump onto the bandwagon than now!

What has changed?

We are immediately greeted by a new look and interface upon clicking onto the app. While this does not change anything about the feature, I am liking the animations with clean appearance and the user interface design. It is a plus point for me personally as I am a firm believer of packaging and presentation.

What are the extras in the upgraded app?

For all you data scrooges out there, this update is for you! In addition to enjoying high speed 3G/4G international data roaming without the need to change SIM cards, Flexiroam X is giving you the opportunity to earn a hefty amount of data with this update.

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Here is how you can earn lots of data:

  1. Register your account today and get 100MB data
  2. Earn 1GB of free data roaming if you refer 5 people within the 24 hours of your registration (the race is on! Psst… Tip: Gather 5 people first before actually registering)
  3. Link your account with Facebook and get 400MB data

If you execute the steps above, you already have 1.5GB of free data roaming in a day! That is more than 4000 photo uploads on social media (to boast and show off your travel escapades) or 1.5 mil instant messages (keep in touch with friends and family to make them feel left out for not traveling with you).

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More, More, More Upgrades

The opportunity to get more data is just the beginning! The additional changes include:

  • You can now login with one click via Facebook, Google or email address
  • Friends no longer need to key in the referral code to get free data. By simply clicking on your referral link to sign up, both of you will instantly get 100MB of data
  • Track your order and delivery status in the app once you purchase a starter pack
  • Empower yourself – learn what you can do with 1GB of data to know how much data suits your lifestyle

You need to use the app today to fully experience and enjoy the Flexiroam X experience. As we are nice to share all these goodies with our readers, please use our referral code by clicking here to sign up if you read about Flexiroam X from us.

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But… What about the Existing Users?

Existing, loyal Flexiroam X users, fret not! This is probably my favourite feature of all, which is the option to make local or international calls to any landlines or mobile using your data balance! You do not need to rely on Whatsapp calls to make those bookings with popular restaurants and spots. Simply be the most kiasu traveler and dial directly from the app itself! Note: This feature will be released on 21 March 2017. Fingers, start your engines.

Image credit: Flexiroam X


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3 lucky winners will get the starter packs with 1-year membership + 1GB data. Competition ends 15th March 2017 so put on your creative juices and go ahead and tell us how desperately you need data roaming.