Feel Magical By Visiting Fairy Nail

Having the perfect manicured nails is almost like a cult. There are numerous social media accounts displaying various manicure or nail art inspirations. Furthermore, having pretty nails will perk up any spirit and also gives a woman the extra confidence. This explains why women have their nails done for a special occasion. Whether it is a job interview, a festive season or any special occasion. As a woman, we need to give our nails the care it needs. Hence, if you want to feel magical, head to Fairy Nail which will provide you with the attention you deserve.

About Fairy Nail

Fairy Nail Salon was founded in the year 2014 and provides services such as basic care, manicures, and also extensions. In addition, they use the products are imported from the US such as O.P.I and MORGAN TAYLOR. Their Gel products are imported from the US, Korea, and Singapore. They take pride in providing a hygienic and comfortable environment for all customers. Furthermore, they have expanded and opened a shop next door that provides additional services such as hair removal, eyelashes extension, and even facials.

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Giving You The Attention You Deserve

The salon team comprises of 7 young, energetic staff who are full of little surprises and innovative ideas. They have inspired people in this field also hope that customers will learn to appreciate and respect this industry. The team is meticulous and treats each customer with great care. They use the best and latest technology to provide with the best results. Therefore, their priority is in the details, materials, and quality.

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Painting The Way Forward

Fairy Nail Salon aims to provide customers with the best service. Customers who seek quality with attention to detail and innovate ideas for their manicures should visit the salon. Furthermore, as they have now expanded their services – for anyone who would like to get pampered all under one roof, there is no better place to have it done than here!

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Head over to Fairy Nail to get your perfect nails: