D-Flat Music Academy: Education Based On Appreciation

Image Credit: D-Flat Music Academy

In Malaysia, there is no shortage of music academies. Many still treat music as a co-curricular activity for their children; an activity “just for fun” that adds a little variety to the everyday life of schooling. Other times, music becomes a “back-up” skill, and students routinely go through exams without developing a true passion for the instrument that they are playing. However, D-Flat Music Academy does not believe in either of these. Taking a long-term approach to music education, D-Flat Music Academy bases education on appreciation.

Appreciation First

The fact that music education offers several benefits is now a well-known one. However, it is not uncommon to find students who take on music for a little while, then drop out later, usually citing academic reasons or that it is simply too difficult to continue. D-Flat Music Academy aims to change this mindset by focusing on music appreciation. After all, if one does not like something, why do it at all?

“We take a long-term approach to music education by encouraging students to appreciate music as an aesthetic beyond their lessons. We do this by focusing on TWO essentials – sight reading and aural. Music is like a language, if you sight-read well, you are able to play any form of music literature. Aural engages a person’s listening ability and sensitivity. This is essential for students to express their music creativity,” said Aaron Goh, Music Director of D-Flat Music Academy.

The Education System

At D-Flat Music Academy, they are neither exam-based, nor competition-based. But that’s not to say they have a take-it-easy kind of approach. D-Flat employs the OKR system, which is Objectives and Key Results. What happens is that teachers will assess the students and talk to their parents, before deciding on certain objectives to be completed within a certain time frame. This way, progress is guaranteed, with key results that are tangible. Furthermore, as appreciation is key at D-Flat, not all students are pushed to take exams. It’s all about cultivating a lifelong appreciation and sense of enjoyment. Also, D-Flat does not only offer traditional classical training, but encourages students to explore genres like jazz and pop as well!

A Fun, Musical Environment

Located in Sunway Geo Avenue, D-Flat Music Academy has seven music rooms available. Each room is individually themed and soundproofed, so that students will remain undisturbed even as classes are held simultaneously. Out in the foyer, there is a long table set up, meant for theory lessons. Floors are carpeted colourfully in tiles, and there’s even a small pantry, which makes the academy feel cosy and homey! The academy was actually set up with primary-school-going kids in mind, as this where the “real learning” begins. Many group classes target younger kids, which is great for exposure. However, as kids are ready to take the next step, this is where they can get a strong foundation and build up their technique and discipline. Once, they’ve got this covered, they will be free to explore!

Passion & Quality

To ensure that the brand is synonymous with quality and passionate teaching, D-Flat Music Academy requires all teachers in their employ to possess Bachelors or Masters Music degrees from a performing arts university, or at least 20 years’ teaching experience. Furthermore, teachers also undergo quality training quarterly. D-Flat’s established counterpart in Singapore has produced several star students who have performed in notable plays such as Child Aid (2017), The Sound of Music (2016), and Hansel & Gretel (2012) among others. As you can see, D-Flat introduces music as part of something bigger, rather than staying in its own little bubble. Music is meant to be shared, whichever the medium. Furthermore, D-Flat Studios (Singapore) has received various awards in Singapore, including Top 10 Music Academies in Singapore from theasianparent.com.

D-Flat Music Academy’s Music Director Mr. Aaron Goh accompanying a potential student as she sings a Christmas song.

D-Flat Music Academy offers Piano, Guitar, Vocal and Musical Theatre classes for music lovers across all age ranges. Best of all, register for any of the classes before June 2019, and receive free lessons for the second month! Tag a music lover and sign up for classes now!

Website: https://www.dflat.com.my
Tel. No.: +6012-2393873
Location: D-Flat Music Academy, Sunway Geo Avenue G02-03A, Jalan Lagoon Selatan Sunway South Quay.