Cynderella Wants You to Look and Feel Good on Every Occassion

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“There are no ugly women, only lazy women” is a phrase we hear every so often. We all have seen and felt the impact and wonders of makeup whether it is from a YouTube makeup artist or a television program on makeup and beauty. While no one can deny the magic of a good makeup artist, the power and effect is much more than skin-deep as it helps with the confidence and masks the insecurity or inferiority complex of many women (as you may know, women are never satisfied with themselves). If you ever need to feel special on an occasion, get ready to put on your glass heels, because Cynderella is here to help you.

Cynderella Without Evil Stepsisters

Cynthia has so much passion as a makeup artist and a hairstylist.  Prior to doing this, Cynthia who has a Bachelor of Science in Business and Marketing from The State University of New York – Buffalo, and she worked in a developer company for almost 10 years. When she was studying in the states, she has started makeup and hair-styling for her university friends as a hobby.

Fueled by this interest, she took up a Professional Diploma in advanced bridal, Fashion, Glamour, Period, Photographic and Creative Makeup from the School of Makeup (Singapore) in 2011. Under the great mentor-ship of Principal Peter Angel, Mentors Adeline Ng and Jovis Yap, Cynthia graduated with distinctions in 2012. During her time in school, she was also the Class Leader where she led fellow students to shows and makeup job.

Later on, Cynthia upgraded her hair-styling skills and took up hair-styling classes from the amazing renowned Hair and Makeup Teacher Susan Tee from Susan Beauty Artistry in Singapore.

In 2014, she further took up an Advanced Bridal Makeup and hair-styling course from the highly sought after Taiwanese mentors – the famous duo Xiao Hong and Yi Min from Xiao Hong Bridal Makeup and Hair Academy

Cynthia has various experience in doing editorials for various magazines and newspaper in Singapore including cover pages, editorial spreads (including Tatler, Harper Bazaar, Today Newspaper, Mums and Babies and many more) , commercials, advertisement and exclusive celebrity hair and makeup including Youtube Sensation Jason D Chen from the states, both times that he was in Singapore, Cynthia was engaged to be his personal makeup artist.

Image credit: Facebook
Image credit: Facebook

The Makeup Fairy

Cynthia started as an editorial trained fashion makeup artist in Singapore who has undergone training in Korea, Taiwan and Singapore with special interest in Korean Style Natural Makeup. She also has special interest in eye adjustments and romantic American style hairstyling. In her free time, Cynthia also volunteers at hospitals under the Look Good Feel Better program by the Singapore Cancer Society teaching Cancer patients/survivors makeup skills over the past 2 years.

She loves that she is able to allow others to look good and feel good. The exhilarating feeling when others are overjoyed getting dolled up by her! She also really enjoys holding her makeup classes for the Singapore Cancer Society. She never knew that teaching makeup could improve someone’s life and make their day. When you look good, you feel better! She believes in providing a very personalised service where the way of makeup or hair-styling is based on how it suits you as well as your personality.

Image credit: Facebook
Image credit: Facebook

Cynderella’s Words

“My makeup style can be very versatile, from natural to drama fashion style. But in general, I like very clean and natural Japanese makeup style and with some influence of Korean style makeup too. I like the saying that eyes are the windows to the soul. I have a slight tendency to keep eyes bright and lively. For hairstyling, I am very influenced by the western style. I like the very classic designs abit whimsically happy hairdos. I love braids, romantic messy updos and simple styles that’s simply timeless.

“I feel happy to see my clients happy, the joy that I get when I see the sparkle and happiness on their faces is indescribable. Some clients has dubbed Cynthia as an eye surgeon where she gives life back to many kinds of eyes. She has a keen interest to give back double eyelids to droppy and single eyelids clients and problematic eyes.” Cynthia shares.

Cynthia finds that it is challenging as she has 3 children and her current work is super packed. However, she hopes to continue pursuing her passion of dolling up people for as long as she is able to.

Image credit: Facebook
Image credit: Facebook

Let me be your Makeup and Hair Fairy God Mother.

— Cynthia, Founder of Cynderella

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