Cookie Mixx Bakes Delicious Yet Healthy Cookies For Guilt-Free Enjoyment

Image Credit: Cookie Mixx

Cookies are a well-loved snack enjoyed by all. However, cookies are also usually sweet (or too sweet!), pushing them into the “unhealthy” category. Well, Cookie Mixx remedies that by incorporating less sugar and only premium ingredients in their cookies, making cookies “sinful” no more. Ready to get your cookie craving fixed, guilt-free? Read on!

When Baking Is Passion

The founder of Cookie Mixx worked in another industry, but turned to the F&B line thanks to her passion: baking. She has always loved baking, as well as trying out new things, new bakes and new food! For a while, she noticed that available cookies were always the same old flavours and overly-sweet, so she decided to try her hand at baking her own. Experimenting with her own recipes, she baked cookies that were less sweet yet healthier. Friends who didn’t like cookies tried hers and it was love at first bite, and they told her she should sell them. Taking their advice, the founder started Cookie Mixx in 2018, with an outlet at ION Orchard.

Image Credit: Cookie Mixx

Cookies For The Health-Conscious

Nowadays, people and getting more and more health-conscious, and Cookie Mixx prioritises that. Therefore, Cookie Mixx decided to bake delicious yet healthy cookies to satisfy consumers’ needs for healthier snacks. Challenging the concept that cookies are “sinful”, Cookie Mixx makes cookies healthier with the addition of ingredients like multi-grains, nuts, chia seeds etc. and the reduction of sugar. Their cookies are all made with at least 25-30% less sugar compared to a standard cookie recipe, and also contain no preservatives, additives or colouring.

Image Credit: Cookie Mixx

Customised Cookies

Besides baking ready-made cookies, Cookie Mixx also provides cookie customisation for customers who want it. Choose from 5 cookie bases and 18 toppings to create your own perfect cookie, and they are baked on the spot! After 30 minutes, your customised cookies will be ready to collect! If you prefer ready-made ones anyway, go for these three: Belgium Chocolate Chunk (best-seller), Milo Chocolate Chips and Cranberry & Oats. Additionally, Cookie Mixx also caters to special requests for parties, weddings or even corporate requirements.

Image Credit: Cookie Mixx

Expanding Cookie Mixx 

As they use only premium ingredients, Cookie Mixx shoulders a higher cost, in addition to rental and manpower costs. They hope that more people will support local brands, as it isn’t easy to build a sustainable business. Currently, business is also taking a hit with the recent Covid-19 situation, with low footfall in the mall and cancelled orders for major events. However, one day, they do hope to grow and expand overseas. Besides being voted no. 1 on our Top 10 Homemade Cookies in Singapore, Cookie Mixx has also been noticed by TimeOut Singapore and KrisShop as best cookie places/local brands.

Image Credit: Cookie Mixx

I believe that less is more and we will remain focused on serving honest, quality food by not adding nasties to our bakes just to make them taste better, preserve shelf life or make more money by using low quality ingredients. – Cookie Mixx

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