Christy Ng – The next Jimmy Choo?

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We learned from Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City that a beautiful pair of heels can instantly add the confidence, appeal and an air of elegance to any woman. Malaysian Shoe Designer, Christina Ng and her select team of shoe making artisans knows exactly that and are on the mission to save all women from all their shoe woes and dilemma.

Who is Christy Ng?

Christy Ng, the 27-year-old Malaysia-born entrepreneur, is the founder and CEO of – an online shoe company specializing in handmade custom-made shoes, wedding shoes, high heels shoes and women fashion footwear since July 2010. Christy always had an entrepreneurial spirit and started designing shoes while holding a full-time job with a pharmaceutical company in 2010. She has a flair for drawing and decided to display her first designs on a Facebook page she set up and in July 2012, the biotechnology graduate started a website to sell her bespoke shoes with savings of less than RM10,000 as a start-up capital and the rest was history.

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The Story of Christy Ng

An online business helped her keep operating costs low as there were no rentals and utility costs to worry about. With low overheads as she did not need to pay rental, she used the money earned to develop and strengthen her business operations. Today, 40% of her customers purchase the shoes from her website. Customers are mostly from the United States, Australia, United Kingdom and Singapore. Online business helped her to reach customers in places they cannot reach, thanks to the internet. She used part of the RM250,000 prize money she won at the 2013 Alliance Bank Bizsmart Innovation challenge, on research and development and improving business operations. One investment is a 3D engine in the website that allows potential customers to swap colours, fabrics, sizes, add ribbons or straps, in-soles and and other things that make up a pair of shoes.

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How are Christy Ng shoes different?

Being too familiar with the shoe-sizing conundrum, Christy Ng Shoes develop, design, and manufacture their own products here in Malaysia. They strive to innovate and make their shoes not only more fashionable but more comfortable with constant and ongoing research and development. The team provides special hand crafted custom-made shoes designed to fit all feet sizes and shape. With the “Design Your Own” feature on their web platform, everyone can design their dream shoes and choose from a tasteful variety of fabrics, textures, prints, laces and more and create their dream shoe in 3D real time render. With over 1 million possible design combinations in terms of different material options, heel heights, heel types, body pattern types, accessories and more – you can be certain that there is always something for any occasion and everyone!

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Today, women from over 30 countries wear Christy Ng and they are truly proud that their mission is coming along pretty well, one pair of shoe at a time. Christy Ng has truly brought ‘Shoe Heaven’ to us, as aptly stated in her business slogan.

Regardless whether Christy will be the next Jimmy Choo, one thing for certain is that Christy is a resounding Malaysian pride!

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