Black N Beige Cravings Packing Punches In Jars With Superfoods

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It is known to many that eating healthy is cumbersome, and often expensive. Coming up with a menu of healthy and good tasting meal for the family is already strenuous, and imagine seeing the bill from the shops that sell these organic products. Whether you are trying to shed some weight or lead a healthier lifestyle, if you need a healthy, convenient alternative to all that fat-laden nasi lemak or char kuay teow (yet still delicious), why don’t you turn to Black N Beige Cravings – where they provide superfood with a twist.

What Is Superfood With A Twist?

Black N Beige Cravings provide deliciously healthy convenient meals and snacks with infusion drinks or healthy decadent brownies, all with delivery service to your doorstep. They have the smallest jar at RM9 which caters for party packs (min of 30 jars order) to RM14 for their Oats. Parfaits which can be an individual meal by itself costs RM15 while infused water ranges from RM10 to RM11.

Minimum orders for delivery are 6 large jars of oats or parfait excluding drinks with a minimum delivery charge of RM5 to RM12 depending on the location within Klang Valley. Delivery is free for orders above RM150 within PJ. Every 12 empty jars returned for the next delivery order will be complimented with a free jar of oats with the next order.

Image credit: Black N Beige
Image credit: Black N Beige

Products Offered

  • Chia Oats:

They use organic Chia seeds & Rolled oats as the main ingredients.

Some flavours are sugar-free and flavoured with only organic honey, while some flavours require a bit of cooking with added minimal organic brown sugar. High antioxidant superfoods are used like organic virgin coconut oil, organic honey, organic Green Tea, organic cocoa & organic soy for a vegan and dairy free selection (dairy option is also available). Coconut flakes, raisins, walnuts, and almonds complete a balanced and highly nutritious meal that boosts the immune while eating clean.

  • Yogurt Parfaits:

This range targets both the oat lovers & yogurt lovers and also those who do not like soaked oats. Natural unsweetened greek yogurt high in live probiotics is used which encourage a healthy gut flora. It has layers of greek yogurt, fresh cut fruit chunks, natural yogurt chia pudding topped with cranberries, raisins, organic flaxseeds, and crunchy home toasted nuts with GMO-free and wheat free granolas.

  • NutriDrinks

ChloroPlus is a chlorophyll drink which is oxygenated for that extra refreshing boost. It is high in nutrients similar with wheatgrass and a gentle detox which cleanses and alkalizes the body. Sweetened with just a little organic honey and added with some omega-3 goodness of chia seeds.

Infusions are also a gentle detox drink using apple cider vinegar and organic honey which is widely known as a drink that keeps our body healthy or even alleviates certain minor ailments. Infusing it with fruits make them more nutritious, delicious and high in vitamins without the extra calories and fructose found in pure juices.

  • Brownies:

Their walnut brownies and the toppings are all homemade. Ingredients include pure butter, organic brown sugar, home-toasted walnuts, kampong eggs, imported cocoa, imported & 62% chocolate. It is their version of healthy because chocolate is truly high in anti-oxidants while being decadent for those necessary cheat days.

Image credit: Black N Beige
Image credit: Black N Beige

Satisfying Cravings One Jar At A Time

Black N Beige products are suitable for:

  • Corporate white collars
  • Breastfeeding mums, students & kids
  • Fitness enthusiasts
  • People on-the-go who are too busy to cook
  • Mostly females who are online shopping savvy
  • The health conscious, vegan or vegetarian who are looking for a regular convenient clean eating diet
  • Weightwatchers
  • Diabetics and those with Illnesses or in recovery stage from illnesses.

The most notably popular flavour that agrees with everyone thus far is Craisin Chia Oats. It’s vegan with Cranberries, raisin & Organic Honey. They also have the flavours like Apple Cinnamon & Maccha Goji berry, which are popular with those who have the acquired taste for cinnamon and green tea. These flavours bring many repeat orders and receive high praises and positive feedbacks.

Their products are homemade with help from family and a helper. There are many stages of preparation to achieve the finished product. From jar sterilising, labelling, washing of fruits, toasting of nuts, cutting fruits with ceramic knives and finally mixing and layering into the jars. All fruits and food ingredients are handled with gloves at all times to prevent any contamination which will affect the promised life-shelf period of 1 week with refrigeration.

Image credit: Black N Beige
Image credit: Black N Beige

Superfoods Punching Their Way Through

They are currently considering offers to expand their product to grocers and bakeries. They hope to realise a vision of making their product more easily available while building the brand very soon in a form of a physical wellness shop by moving into wellness pharmacies and the retail market of grocers, bakeries and/or cafes promoting healthy eating.

They aim to open a shop encompassing a wellness concept which includes yoga classes and seminars with holistic approach promoting natural parenting, eating well & healthy exercise. It will provide the option for customers to order and pick up freshly made food to eat-in or take-away while maintaining the core aspect of providing delivery services.

Image credit: Black N Beige
Image credit: Black N Beige

Stay Positive. Believe in yourself. Henry Ford says, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you are right”.

— Dyanne Yong, Founder of BlackNbeige

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