Be In The Know & Take Better Care With CoronaVirus Tracker App

Image Credit: Agmo Studio

As the recent outbreak of Coronavirus is sending everyone in a panic, Agmo Studio has come up with the CoronaVirus Tracker 2019-nCoV mobile application. This CoronaVirus Tracker app helps the global community to obtain latest updates and get free online screening services with real doctors.

A Community Effort

A joint collaboration non-profit initiative between Agmo Studio, CoronaTracker and Doc2Us, the community-based mobile app gathers information from various sources and collects data for analysis where all content is selected and sifted by a team of over 460 global volunteers to eliminate hoaxes and fake news. The volunteers are made up of medical professionals, mobile app developers, data scientists, UI/UX designers and the general public.

The team consists of lead mobile, Tan Aik Keong (AK), project lead Lau Cher Han, lead data scientist Hafeez Nazri, lead frontend engineer Tan Wei Seng and medical advisor, Dr. Raymond.

App Features

The app consists of multiple features, including:

  1.  Analytics dashboard displays data such as total confirmed cases, deaths, total suspected cases, cases recovered, outbreak trends over time as well as provinces, regions and countries that are currently affected
  2. News related to CoronaVirus
  3. Q&A, prevention and information about CoronaVirus
  4. List of hospitals in Malaysia and Singapore
  5. Linkage to Doc2Us mobile app that offers free online consultation with real doctors

Fighting Coronavirus Together

“Development of this mobile application is aligned with Agmo Studio’s mission – to create better lives using mobile technology; it’s our obligation to build this app to help the public during this critical period to fight the virus together with technology”, said AK during the interview.

Dr. Raymond highlighted, “Wuhan coronavirus (2019-nCoV) cases are likely going to spike sharply within China and outside China in the next 1-2 weeks. As such every individual plays a part in maintaining good personal hygiene and protect ourselves and the people around us. Only with this we will be able to fight this virus together”.

For more information, you can visit the CoronaTracker website here, or download the app on the Google Play Store here. The app for iOS devices will be available for download in the second week of February. Meanwhile, if you have any queries, you can also speak to a real doctor via the Doc2Us app. Take care and let’s combat the virus!