Baffle Yourselves with Waffles at Shrove Tuesday

Image Credit: Shrove Tuesday

Long ago, Shrove Tuesday is a day for feasting and having a good time. It falls on a day before the Lent, a period before Easter. Because rich food such as eggs, butter and milk were forbidden during the Lent, one way of using them up would be to make pancakes – in their case AWESOME WAFFLES AND ICE CREAM!

Now Shrove Tuesday has evolved into a day of frivolity and indulgence, during which people participate in as much pleasure and self-gratification as they can before Lent begins!

Shrove Tuesday @ Toa Payoh

The business was founded at the start of year 2014 and they specialise in yeasted raised waffle and their in-house roasted coffee. One of their best-selling Signature Waffle is the Chendol Waffle!They serve a comprehensive menu that focuses mainly on desserts. Their signature Waffle and Coffee is one of a kind. They have been able to connect closer with customers due to the smaller size as compared to a larger chain store. They have created a community within a community.

At Shrove Tuesday, they are literally a family as the founders consist of a coffee roaster, a pastry chef, and a number sensitive engineer, their wives and very helpful parents. They have grown over the years and have also added a couple of full-timers into the team!

Image credit: Shrove Tuesday

Celebrating the Love for Waffles

This is a family business that started over a game of Mahjong! In the midst of their game, they realised that they specialise in the food and beverage field. Hence they decided to combine their knowledge to share the love of food they have with the people around them. Their patrons’ age from young kids to the elderly. Recently they have also added beer into their menu to cater to a larger night crowd. At Shrove Tueaday, they believe in serving the best quality food at affordable price.

Image credit: Shrove Tuesday

The Shrove Specialty

They first started off as a gelato and waffle café. They placed a lot of R&D into the yeasted raised waffle, which is light and crispy. This waffle was crafted for a purpose – They enjoy a delightful sweet treat after meals. However, most places served typical Belgium waffles that are too heavy to stomach after a full meal. Hence they created the signature waffle that is full size yet very light to the palate.

They also placed a lot of R&D into their coffee blend. They roast the coffee themselves to ensure quality and freshness. Their blend is created for the local palate. It is full bodied, nutty and chocolaty. A very versatile blend that can taste awesome either in Black or White.

Image credit: Shrove Tuesday

Tickling One Taste bud At A Time

They are constantly innovating and coming up with new products to attract and retain customers. In Singapore, people get bored easily and seek new exciting products. Hence they are kept on their feet to keep improving. They hope to expand into another location soon! Shrove Tuesday believes that as long as they bring joy to the people around us and turn customers into friends, they will achieve their dream and business goals.

Image credit: Shrove Tuesday

“This is not a food business. It is a people’s business. When you come here, it is our job to make you happy.”


Fill your bellies with some waffles from Shrove Tuesday or drool over their photos: