AnakApp: The First And Only Mobile Application For Mothers To Be

Agmo Studio Sdn Bhd, a leading mobile, Blockchain and web solution to corporate and government agencies, launched the first and only mobile application for mothers/moms-to-be on 15th of October in Malaysia – AnakApp. It consists of infant electronic health records to store antenatal and vaccination dates, as well as an AI-powered poo analyzer that provides the health level of baby excrement.

Where To Get Advice?

The concept of AnakApp came from the Founder of Agmo Studio Sdn Bhd, Mr Tan. He  discovered from his partner (Steven Low – Director of Agmo Studio) that Mrs Low has just become a new mom. As first-time parents, they are excited yet panicky as they both lack experience and knowledge of child health matters. Steven is afraid of relying on ‘unreliable sources or suggestions’ from netizens such as Facebook mother groups which all the parents do today – getting advice and opinions from other parents.

Inspired By True Events

One day, Steven texted Mr Tan with an image of his child’s excrement after being unable to get help from anyone else, as he discovered the excrement colour was slightly unusual compared to “normal” excrement. This gave way to the poo analyzer. Furthermore, this mobile app is also part of a government initiative from MyHackathon to encourage fellow Malaysians to lead healthier lifestyles. AnakApp is one of the Top 10 finalists among over 300 teams.

Magical Motherhood

The mission of AnakApp is to be a trustful/credible source and proper guide on monitoring their child development, especially for first-time parents. Let AnakApp answer all the mothers’ doubts and worries and replace the pink book, where mothers have the full antenatal and children’s vaccination records right in the mobile application. Our vision is not only to create a better, easier motherhood journey, but also to turn their motherhood journey into a magical one!

Once clicked into the child’s profile, it shows the vaccination chart, which reminds mothers of their child’s check up and vaccination schedule with information about the importance of the particular vaccination.

Child development assessment (cognitive, language, movement and social), it will give a scorecard to the mother based on the checklist filled up.

AnakApp comes to these solutions to tackle the problems:

  1. Blockchain-powered electronic health records – AnakApp digitalizes the health records storage for mother and child, such as bio data, vaccination records and operation consent form on the Blockchain. With Blockchain, the data is immutable, secured and decentralized with a solid audit trail. The relevant parties (such as doctor and school) can request read or write access with the mother, and the mother can decide to grant and revoke the access at any time.
  2. AI-powered poo analyzer: AnakApp comes with the world’s first AI-powered poo analyzer to tell the mother the healthy level of the poo based on the uploaded image. Mother is rewarded with SihatCoin if the poo is healthy.
  3. Integrated telemedicine: AnakApp connects the mother to O&G specialist instantly via telemedicine (powered by Doc2Us) , which is integrated into MySejahtera too). For instance, if the poo color is green, the mother is worried and she can consult a doctor instantly via AnakApp.
  4. Gamification and child development scorecard: AnakApp comes with an integrated child development assessment (cognitive, language, movement and social), it will give a scorecard to the mother based on the checklist filled up. Mother is rewarded by SihatCoin via taking good care of the children, such as taking vaccination on time, reading health articles, and they can redeem for baby products right from AnakApp.

Download links:
IOS: Stay tuned, it’s on the way!

Facebook page: AnakApp