Amber Gym Helps You Achieve Your Body Goals

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We are coming to the halfway mark of the year and it is a good time to evaluate our progress since we set those new year resolutions. Having determination and discipline helps with achieving those goals. However, it is paramount that external factors help us to stay on track and focus on the endpoint. Hence, if you are looking for a place to fulfill those body goals, having a good gym with the right people and facilities is important. Amber Gym is here to help you on this journey of becoming fitter and stronger.

About Amber Gym

Amber Gym is a neighbourhood gym located at Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The son and dad partnership took over Amber Gym in the early 2000s and transformed the little neighborhood gym into a full-fledged fitness centre. Today besides just bodybuilding and fitness machines, they now have a functional training zone, boxing zone, TRX & Bootcamp Classes.

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Fitness Without Breaking The Bank

They want to prove that being healthy and looking good doesn’t have to come with a big price tag. They want to make fitness affordable. Initially, they were put off by the exorbitant fees at high end fitness centers and the lack of assistance in smaller gyms. In addition, they want to create a welcoming environment for all members and spread the message that everyone can be fit if they are willing to put in a little time. Two of their best selling plans are RM150 for 3 Months plan and BootCamp Classes for RM120. These plans are some of the lowest membership prices in the market and allow members to save big.

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A Fitness Centre That Cares For Its Members

They believe that their two main selling points are the affordable prices and customer service. They genuinely love their jobs and love seeing people becoming a better version of themselves. Furthermore, their members feel welcomed when they step through that door and they know that they can always approach the team if they need any help. Additionally, they also offer fully personalized one-on-one personal training programs for members inclusive of diet plans and digital weekly weigh-ins and body tracking.

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Getting Stronger Day By Day

They were selected for FitJohor a few years ago which was part of a campaign by the Johor government to promote healthy living. They had lots of fun teaching people exercise plans at Dataran Johor. In addition, they had the opportunity to work with a casting director for a Netflix series to audition some of their members for the Marco Polo series which was an eye opening experience. In the next 5 years, they hope to expand the business more and potentially open another branch. They have some plans for the current branch like introducing an automatic tag entry system, bringing in new cardio equipment and new classes.

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“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. I believe if you put your mind, heart and soul into anything you do – no one can deny you your goal. It’s about getting right back up when you get knocked down.”

– Amber Gym

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