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Chores and cleaning – it does not spark the same level of joy to everyone as explained by Marie Kondo. Yet, it is one of those nagging things that still needs to be done. If you never fancied yourself having to get down and dirty, why not have someone else do the work instead? Ali Cleaning can help you while you sit back, relax and actually do things that spark joy for you.

About Ali Cleaning

Ali Cleaning offers first class cleaning services in Klang Valley and surrounding areas and commit to providing excellence and professionalism in delivering their services. Cleaning services which are being offered include:

  • After-Renovation Cleaning
  • Move-in/Move-out Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning (consists of cleaning vehicle interiors, sofas, chairs, mattresses, and domestic home carpets)

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Starting A Clean Business

The idea was inspired by a Facebook advertisement on a car-cushion cleaning service. Initially, Erry Arham Azmi, the founder, was considering the service for his car, but it was rather difficult to obtain a prompt response. One day, an acquaintance of asked the founder to join and form a business venture, and to his surprise, the proposed business was a car-cushion cleaning service. He then proceeded to start the business and invested in equipment and cleaning products. The first car to be serviced was his own car and that was how the business started.

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Getting Down and Dirty For Customers

Their after-renovation cleaning service focuses on cleaning houses, offices, and buildings/premises after they have undergone renovation work. Furthermore, this particular cleaning service is very complex, requiring extra detail in the cleaning tasks. Ash, dust, sand, and other renovation residue may require a longer time to clean and dispose of. Secondly, their move-in/move-out cleaning service focuses on cleaning houses and offices vacated by former tenants before access is returned to the owner. For the latter, cleaning work involves the detailed tasks of discarding unwanted leftover items by previous tenants.

Their carpet cleaning service focuses on cleaning carpets in offices or mosque/praying spaces. An equipment from Germany is utilised to clean the carpets, either by using the dry-method or wet-method of cleaning. In addition, their upholstery cleaning service focuses on cleaning the interior of vehicles, either fabrics or leather, and cleaning sofas/mattresses in homes or business premises. Moreover, they utilise equipment from Germany which can remove mould, dirt, grime, milk/food stains, repugnant odour, marker/pen stains… most of anything you could think of!

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Taking Pride In The Finished Product

Compared to other cleaning services, the unique trait of their business lies in the emphasis that their cleaning task, though highly technical, is a work of art. Furthermore, Erry wishes wish to create a job opportunities for local citizens, who become a part of the Ali Cleaning Team. He is also in the midst of constructing a framework to establish a professional learning centre for cleaning services that will be accredited by the government. Through this learning centre, learners can be educated with the knowledge in the cleaning service business. Upon completion of training, learners can either pursue a working career in cleaning service or become business entrepreneurs of a cleaning service.

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“If we start alone, it does not necessarily mean that we end alone. Thus, we must believe in what we do, as long as it can benefit others”

– ALi Cleaning

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