8 Reasons You Should List Your Business On Carilocal.com

List your business on Carilocal.com and grow your business

We have created a sister website that just launched early this year, and it’s Carilocal.com! If you haven’t come across it yet, here’s what it is. Following our tagline of “Discover Local Trends” and our main product of Top 10 lists, we have decided to dedicate a site fully to recommending local businesses. In other words, Carilocal.com features a list of recommended businesses so that you can find what you’re looking for efficiently. To find out why you should list your business on Carilocal.com, read on!

1) Get Discovered

Whether you’re a new or experienced business, the one thing you won’t say to no is “exposure”. By listing your business on Carilocal.com, there’s more exposure, and potential customers are more likely to discover you. Think of it as one of the multiple ways people will get to know you!

Get discovered on Carilocal.com

2) Improve Reputation

The more sites your business is seen on, the more your reputation improves. In other words, more exposure also increases the credibility of your business, because it’s being seen everywhere. With an improved reputation and better brand awareness, potential customers will be more inclined to approach you.

Improves business reputation

3) Get More Leads

All paths lead back to you, so why not? In line with the above two items, the more your business is seen, the more likely people will be interested in what you have to offer. Being listed on Carilocal.com simply increases the chances of people seeing you and getting in touch with you!

Business meeting

4) Boost SEO

Search engine optimisation, otherwise known as SEO, is “the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine”. The more you are mentioned on the web (through Carilocal.com), the better your business ranking improves organically, without having to pay for web ads.

Boost SEO

5) Improve Credibility & Status

Carilocal.com is a listing website, but it has its own review process, and only trustworthy, credible businesses make the cut. Therefore, if you get listed on Carilocal.com, you have set yourself apart, because the Carilocal team vets through each business before deciding to list them.

Verified businesses

6) More Than Just A Directory

Carilocal.com isn’t just another “Yellow Pages”. Besides having a vet through process for businesses, it also takes the next step in promoting local businesses through various efforts. There are short- and long-term awards and campaigns, social media posts, feature write-ups and articles on their blog among other things. If you have any questions or ideas, contact Carilocal.com!

Carilocal High-Flyer award

7) Builds & Develops Local Business Communities

The Carilocal.com website is designed in such a way that helps users find local business recommendations easily. Businesses are sorted by topics, categories and locations, which makes searches easy. As such, when local businesses are within easy reach, the local business community is more likely to flourish. Both business owners and consumers win!

Business community

8) Encourages Engagement 

On Carilocal.com, users can like, rate and review businesses. This lends a voice to consumers, and businesses can get feedback as well. This encourages businesses to improve should they come across criticism, or to motivate them to keep up the good work! When customers know that businesses take their feedback into consideration, there’s a feel-good feeling, building customer loyalty in return.

Business review and customer engagement on Carilocal.com

So if you haven’t been listed yet, now’s a good time! Check out Carilocal.com now, and also visit its Facebook and Instagram pages, where there’s something new everyday! For more information, simply email them at hello@carilocal.com!