50450 – A New Hip Fashion Brand in Town to Lookout for

Image Credit: 50450

Inspired by the ever growing fashion and expansion of women’s rights in the world, 50450 (pronounced as fifty four fifty) is a new urban fashion brand in town that breathes new style for women on the go.

Design Philosophy of 50450

50450’s design revolves around simplicity with injection of small details that are able to project strong and powerful looks. While each piece of design of 50450 has its own personality, the little details give just enough attention without making one feel out of place. This is what 50450 is all about.

Image Credit: 50450
Image Credit: 50450

With the demand of gender equality everywhere, the brand also hopes to embrace ambitious women who dream to stand on platforms equal to those of men. Designed with strength and independence in mind, the founder, Effindi, wants the brand to empower women.

“I look up to women so much because I grew up with a single mum and I wanted to design something that would make women feel strong, confident and comfortable at the same time. I’m inspired by women. Their will power of survival is to me so powerful where you can put them in any situation and they will find a way to make it better.” Effindi told TallyPress.

The Founder of 50450

50450 is the brainchild of Effindi Kamaruddin. And his love for fashion can be traced back to the age of 16 when he studied fashion at a vocational school. That was where he learnt how to cut and sew. After completed SPM, he got a scholarship to continue his study at the Malaysia Institute of Art. Unfortunately, Effindi dropped out from college and started working in other industries due to some financial problem.

Effindi’s first job was with HSBC bank where he worked as global data processor. After about a year plus, he then quit and joined American International Group (AIG) as a business process executive. That was when he realized his passion still lies in the fashion industry. With the aim of rejoining the fashion industry, he eventually landed himself a job as a part time backstage manager for Andrewsmodels.

Effindi had always wanted to have his own fashion brand. Never give up chasing his dream, Effindi shared his brand with the boss, Mr Andrew Tan, who is also the founder of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week. To his surprise, Andrew gave him a chance to showcase his brand at the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW). To enter the KLFW 2015, Effindi came up with 3 collections. While the first 2 collections that he made was rejected and Andrew at last accepted Effendi’s 3rd try.

That was how the brand was finally given the opportunity to walk the runaway. This milestone marked the birth of Effindi’s very first fashion brand, 50450 in the beginning of year 2015.

Image Credit: 50450
Image Credit: 50450

So how did the name 50450 come about? According to Effindi, 50450 is actually one of the many postcodes of Kuala Lumpur. When Effindi was figuring out the name, he wanted to subtly carry Kuala Lumpur in the brand. So Effindi decided to take the postcode of KL and make it into a brand so that KL will always be in the brand’s DNA wherever the brand goes in the future.

The Collection of 50450

While the KLFW Collection was designed for the KLFW show, it is now made available for sale at FashionValet stores both offline and online (here).

This collection focuses on making clothes that are easy to wear to cater to women who are always on the go. The collection comprises of tops, short and midi length dresses with a colour palette of mostly blue, black and cappuccino. Size ranges are between XS – XXL with the purpose of catering to women of all sizes and body types.

Image Credit: 50450
Image Credit: 50450
Image Credit: 50450
Image Credit: 50450

With the use of stretchable material, it allows for movement with ease and comfort. Although considered an infant in the ever growing Malaysian fashion industry, 50450 ensures its quality is kept at an international standard as they only engage suppliers that produce good oversea brands. The KLFW collection is afford-ably priced between RM149.90 to RM179.90.

Future Plans

When asked what are 50450’s short to long term plans, Effindi told TallyPress that 50450 is launching a whole new range of designs very soon. As for long term, Effindi did not eliminate the possibility of producing men’s line in the future. Ultimately, Effindi hopes to showcase 50450, a Malaysian produce, at the international level.

“I dream to bring this brand to the international market and prove that Malaysian brand can make it outside.” Effindi said to TallyPress.

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No matter how hard you fall in life, as long as you are still alive, keep moving on. It will get better.

— Effindi Kamaruddin