10 Hottest Malaysian AirAsia Stewardesses

For the first time in Malaysia’s history, we are proud to present to you the Top 10 Hottest Malaysian AirAsia Stewardesses! If you ever see them on board, please be assured that you will have the hottest flight in your lifetime.  Warning: Do not continue to read if you have a weak heart.

1) Winky Love


A well deserved title holder, Winky is not just the symbol of hotness in AirAsia Uniform, she is also gracefully pretty in her casual wear. Like an angel sent from heaven, we bet she has melted the hearts of many. Winky loves to share interesting moments and pictures of her traveling journeys. Explore her fun side by following her!

FB: WinkyloveWinky | IG: Winkyqii_0710


2) Rebecca Ray

Many told us their hearts skip a beat when they read about Rebecca. We surely understand why as Rebecca is beautiful and photogenic. Pray that you will see her on an AirAsia X flight because Rebecca from Melacca is not just hot but friendly. Stop looking into her eyes or else you will fall in love.

FB: rebecca.r.new | IG: ray8881


3) Queenie Loke

3-queenie-loke-hottest-airasia-stewardesses 3-2-queenie-loke-hottest-airasia-stewardesses

Queenie is one of the best fits in the AirAsia’s signature Red Hot uniform. A stunning AirAsia X cabin crew, she is womanly and hot! We also like the simplicity of Queenie and how she looks when she is at casual. Check out Queenie in her AirAsia outfits by following her!

FB: queenie.loke | IG: queenieloke


4) Gin Fen Toh 


What say you? “Sizzling hot, enchanting, and captivating” are just some of the words we hear from our friends about their compliments for Gin Fen. We truly agree. Follow Gin Fen from Alor Setar (now lives in Kuala Lumpur) for fashion, lifestyle and colorful happenings.

FB: ginfen.toh | IG: ginfen


5) Eulise Lai


Don’t you agree Eulise looks elegant and fabulous? She is simply gorgeous and we are sure all passengers will be captivated by her. Follow Eulise and know more about her through her blog at eulisestory.blogspot.com

FB: eulise19 | IG: euliselai


6) Guinevere Yap


Just like the characteristic of Scorpio, Gwen possesses that kind of sensual attractiveness. Irresistibly striking as an Air Hostess especially in that red hot uniform.  A Scorpio baby, Gwen is originally from Penang.

FB: Guinevere.yap | IG: gwen1112


7) Fish Pang

7-fish-pang-hottest-airasia-stewardesses 7-2-fish-pang-hottest-airasia-stewardesses

An AirAsiaX cabin crew, Fish Pang is not only sweet but also lovely looking. Coupled with her passion of flying, unquestionably she deserves to be in the Top 10. Follow Fish Pang to see the other side of hers when she is out of the flying routine.

FB: pangyenyee | IG: fishpang


8) Stephanie Foong


Stephanie is a Hong Kong born Malaysian. Simply dazzling, sweet and beautiful. We kinda like her Instagram account and the pictures she took. Surely a talent in photography. Her blog at peacedasteph.blogspot.com certainly deserves some credit.

FB: peacedasteph | IG: stephaniefoongg


9) Joey Ng


Joey is photogenic and lovely. Her dazzling big eyes have won the hearts of many. Make sure you follow Joey as we could not possibly showcase every attractive moment of hers.

FB: joey.njy | IG: jojonjy 


10) Mariati Binti Mohd Fikri Gurdip


The Top 10 list would not be complete without Mariati aka Mayafikri. As a Malay mix Punjabi, she is simply the definition of hotness. She may already be a familiar face to many as you would have likely seen her in press releases, events and annual report of AirAsia.

FB: maya.fikri.7 | IG: mayafikri 

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