20 Questions Malaysians Never Fail To Get From Singaporeans

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1) Why does everyone ask me to be careful when I go out at night?

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2) Why must I put my bag on my lap and not on the chair?

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3) When will you finally accept that Hainanese Chicken Rice is my food?

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4) Why are there so many cars in Malaysia?

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5) Why is public transport in Malaysia so slow?


6) Who is Awas? Why is he everywhere?


7) Why are your Hokkien Mees so different?




8) Are you really forced to buy drinks at coffee shops?



9) How do you make it through the horrible traffic jams?


10) Are Malaysians generally hardworking?



11) Which salon does your PM’s wife go to for hair treatment?

You don’t mess with my hair.


12) Why do concerts always get banned/cancelled in Malaysia?

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13) Why Malaysia’s Internet so slow?

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14) Do you get less benefits if you’re not Malay/Natives?

Kindly refer to the Constitution of Malaysia.


15) Do you take your classes at school in Bahasa Malaysia?

Image Credit: theantdaily
Image Credit: theantdaily


16) Why is ordering drinks so complicated in coffee shops?

“Teh O ais limau!” “Nes-lo kurang ais!” “Kopi O gao sikit!” “Teh C!” “Milo kosong tambah ais!” “Barli jia!”

Image Credit: thewonglist
Image Credit: thewonglist


17) Why do Malaysians love to comment ‘bojio’ all the time?

#bojio #jiolumailai

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Image Credit: hype.my


18) Does every family speak Bahasa Malaysia at home?

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Image Credit: bmus.dbp.my


19) How do you bribe the police?

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Image Credit: kinibiz


20) Is it cheaper to shop in Malaysia than Singapore?

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Image Credit: therakyatpost

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