Fulltime Mom Adds Fun to Pillow with HomyCat

Image Credit: HomyCat

HomyCat makes plush toy that also functions as pillow. As simple as it may sound, it is the story behind HomyCat that excites. Founded by Mary, HomyCat is an idea inspired by three things – Cat, Home and Smelly Pillow which are all Mary’s favourites. To elaborate further, Mary is a cat lover who loves nothing more than staying at home hugging her smelly pillow.

How it all started

It all started naturally in year 2012 when one fine day Mary’s husband asked her to mend his pant. Armed with zero sewing skill, she accepted the challenge. During the process of mending her husband’s pant, a story about a designer who recycles fabric from scratch into softie enthused Mary to make plush toy as hobby. Mary then decided to teach herself sewing by learning from the Internet and by doing research on different materials to make plush toy. In no time, she found herself becoming more skillful and eventually fell in love with this new hobby.

Mary then posted her work on Facebook and to her surprise, she received many good comments from friends. That was the light bulb moment when the idea of turning this hobby of hers into a business struck her.

“Why not I turn my hobby into a small business?”

Image Credit: HomyCat
Image Credit: HomyCat

The Team behind HomyCat

While Homycat is a homegrown business, it is powered by a family of 3 members – Mary, her husband and her son Ian. However, it was only Mary and her husband at the beginning before their son Ian is born. Each of the family member has a role to play.

Mary as the founder of HomyCat, usually comes up with ideas, sews and crafts every adorable HomyCat member. Her husband who is her diehard supporter, powers the marketing aspect of HomyCat acting as the marketing manager. What about Ian who is only 2 years old by now? He is the tester of HomyCat Pillow Toy!

“If he loves it many other children would.” Mary said.

Prior to starting HomyCat, Mary was an interior designer, later a tutor in UCSI teaching Interior design and she was doing her Master in Visual Art at University of Malaya, which she did not manage to complete due to the surprise arrival of her baby Ian. Today, Mary is a fulltime mom who dedicates her time to Ian and HomyCat.

“I never thought I will end up doing so much sewing” Mary told TallyPress.

Mary of HomyCat
Mary of HomyCat

The Concept of HomyCat

HomyCat strives to add fun elements to ordinary pillow. Started out by making pillow in the form of cat, HomyCat’s collection today extends beyond that to include other types of animal such as horse, dragon and giraffe etc.

Image Credit: HomyCat
Image Credit: HomyCat

Let alone the cuteness of its pillows, Mary believes being huggable, playable and washable is one the most important factors setting HomyCat apart. Staying aware that hygiene is the main concern for most parents when it comes to softie, HomyCat uses Microfiber material which is not just soft but washable.

“While smelly pillows are the source of comfort for toddler (and even adult), it provides the physiological comfort during bed time. The smell is not the problem, the hygiene is, and thus all smelly pillow needs to be washable.” Mary told TallyPress.

Today, all HomyCat’s products are handmade by Mary. They are limited in pieces hence unique to own and cuddle. When asked what HomyCat’s upcoming plan is, Mary told TallyPress that she is working on another new product line which is pillow and toy related. However, Mary will not reveal the details at this point in time. So stay tuned peeps!

Image Credit: HomyCat
Image Credit: HomyCat

 “Homycat world is always filled with little happy buddies, they are always smilling.”

– Mary of HomyCat

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